Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Staying Warm & Safe

This cold day has me wishing for warm blankets and a fire place. Here are some tips to stay safe as winter makes an encore appearance:
Winter safety tips:
Portable Space Heaters -
Keep drapes, clothing, and other flammable objects a safe distance away.
Plug directly into the outlet -avoid using extension cords.
Place in a secure area where they won’t be bothered or kicked causing a fire hazard.
Keep in a dry area to avoid shock risk and corrosion.
Make sure the plug fits in the outlet snug and secure.
Do not run cords under carpet or rugs -this will cause the cord to overheat.
Never leave a space heater unsupervised.
Always turn off and UNPLUG when not in use.  

Electric Blankets and Heating Pads -
Electric blankets and heating pads should not be used at the same time.
Check cords for wear before plugging in.
Unplug the heating pad before getting into bed to avoid overheating and fire risk.
Do not tuck heating blankets under mattresses or place other covers on top.
Avoid folding the heating blanket while it’s on.
Make sure your heating blanket has a mechanism to shut off if overheating occurs.

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